India Resumes Select Visa Services In Canada From October 26

Following a temporary halt due to safety concerns for Indian officials in Canada, the Indian High Commission in Canada has proclaimed the revival of certain visa services.

Beginning October 26, 2023, services like entry, business, medical, and conference visas will once again be accessible.

India Resumes Select Visa Services In Canada From October 26

The Prelude 

For the safety of the Indian diplomatic staff, whose security was jeopardized in Canada, visa services were momentarily ceased. Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar remarked, "With our diplomats' safety at risk, we prioritized their well-being, leading to the visa issuance suspension."

Diplomatic Tensions 

The friction between India and Canada surged post allegations by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, claiming interference from "Indian government agents" in the assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the leader of the prohibited Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF). 

India labeled Trudeau's allegations as "baseless" and "prejudiced," resulting in reciprocal measures and ceasing visa allocations to Canadians. Subsequently, India requested Ottawa to scale down its diplomatic team in India, causing further disturbances in visa operations.

Repercussions on Services 

Due to these tensions, Canada temporarily put a halt to visa and face-to-face consular services in specific Indian regions, centralizing them at the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi. 

The International Recruitment and Control Council (IRCC) drastically trimmed its Indian team from 27 members to a mere five. These officials took charge of duties that needed direct involvement in India. Consequently, this downsizing was foreseen to impact visa issuance durations, possibly introducing delays for Indian applicants. 

However, resuming certain visa services in Canada is predicted to smoothen diplomatic ties.

Visa Services Making a Comeback 

The Indian High Commission in Ottawa, together with its Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver, has opted to restore specific visa classes, including:

  • Entry Visa: For tourists, familial visits, or general purposes.
  • Business Visa: For trade representatives, business folks, and investors to fortify trade links.
  • Medical Visa: To assist those seeking medical care in India.
  • Conference Visa: For Canadians keen on attending seminars, meetings, and professional events in India.

These restorations are anticipated to aid a broad spectrum of individuals, spanning tourists, business individuals, patients, and specialists.

Steps to Secure an Indian Visa from Canada 

For those in Canada desiring an Indian visa through the High Commission in Ottawa, consider these fundamental steps, while being mindful that the precise procedure might differ:

  • Choose Your Visa Type: Pick the suitable visa type - Entry, Business, Medical, or Conference.
  • Understand the Criteria: Each visa type possesses distinct prerequisites and paperwork. Ensure to thoroughly understand them.
  • Complete the Application: Fill in the visa form, ensuring data consistency with other submitted documents.
  • Fix an Appointment: Some processes necessitate an appointment for application submission.
  • Remit the Visa Charge: Every visa category has an associated fee.
  • Lodge Your Application: Submit your filled-out application, requisite documents, and the fee.
  • Await Approval: Processing periods differ. Ensure to wait for the formal procedure.
  • Retrieve Your Visa: Post approval, collect your visa. Examine it meticulously for details and any stipulations.
  • Embark on Your Indian Journey: With your visa ready, you can commence your Indian travel preparations.

Reinitiating visa services in Canada signifies a crucial move towards mending and augmenting ties between India and Canada. This progression symbolizes optimism for a collaborative future where both nations can collectively navigate global challenges and openings.