Mopa Airport Goa Essentials

The Mopa Airport, also known as Manohar International Airport, is the upcoming second international airport in the state of Goa, India. Located in the northern part of Goa near the town of Pernem, it will operate alongside Goa's existing Dabolim Airport. With a planned capacity of 30 million passengers per year, Mopa Airport aims to boost tourism in Goa and provide improved infrastructure.

Mopa Airport Goa Essentials

The airport's construction began in 2020, with the first phase expected to be completed in 2023. Key airlines have already announced plans to operate flights from Mopa Airport once it opens. The new airport will provide a modern passenger experience with amenities like retail stores, lounges and efficient facilities. Though its development has faced some opposition, Mopa Airport is considered essential for meeting Goa's rising air traffic demands.

Mopa Airport Goa Construction Update

In June 2023, the newly opened Manohar International Airport (MIA) in Goa began operations after delays caused by legal disputes and the COVID-19 pandemic. While flight volume at MIA is still lower than Goa's original Dabolim Airport, MIA provides connections to a larger number of destinations.

In May 2023,passenger traffic at MIA rose significantly, leading to a 40% increase in overall air traffic in Goa. While MIA has yet to receive approvals for international flights, airlines have expressed interest in operating out of the new airport. 

The enhanced connectivity from MIA has resulted in some flights being shifted away from Dabolim Airport. The successful launch of MIA will likely impact upcoming airports like Noida International Airport and Navi Mumbai International Airport, expected in 2024. The huge aircraft orders recently placed by Indian carriers like IndiGo and Air India demonstrate the surging demand for air travel across India, as evidenced by the case of Goa.

Mopa Airport Goa - A New Gateway Fueling Connectivity and Growth

Strategically located and designed to serve the region efficiently, Mopa Airport covers over 2000 acres with modern amenities and facilities. As Goa's second airport after Dabolim, Mopa Airport has significantly enhanced connectivity and transportation infrastructure in the state. 

It provides a crucial gateway for tourists and businesses, with services catered towards traveller comfort. While still in its early development stages, the new airport is expected to boost Goa's economy and act as an aviation hub driving further growth. Backed by quality infrastructure and accessibility, Mopa Airport underscores Goa's future as an attractive tourism and investment destination.

Mopa Airport Goa - Development Timeline, Costs, and Future Expansion

The new Mopa Airport in Goa has been developed in phases at an estimated cost of Rs 3000 crore. Owned by GMR Goa International Airport Limited, Mopa Airport aims to boost passenger capacity and cargo operations in the state. The first phase, now completed, involved a single runway and integrated terminal facilities. 

Future phases over the next several years will expand infrastructure to handle up to 13 million passengers annually. Mopa Airport was conceived after Dabolim Airport reached saturation, with limited capacity and expansion constraints. Unlike Dabolim, Mopa provides 24x7 operations and cargo handling. The phased development and long-term vision make Mopa Airport a crucial project for meeting Goa's growing aviation needs.

Mopa Airport Goa - Flight Operations and Key Features

The newly established Mopa International Airport in North Goa has generated excitement with major airlines like IndiGo planning 168 weekly flights connecting major Indian cities. Developed at an estimated cost of Rs 2870 crore, Mopa Airport will be managed by a leading Indian airport operator and promises an enhanced, sustainable travel experience. 

Strategically located in North Goa's Pernem district, Mopa Airport is around 30 km from the state capital Panaji, while the existing Dabolim Airport in South Goa is 55 km away. With world-class facilities and increased connectivity, Mopa International Airport will boost tourism and economic growth in Goa.

Mopa Airport Goa - Strategic Location and Connectivity

Strategically situated in North Goa, Mopa Airport is located around 35 km from the state capital Panaji. Spanning multiple northern regions like Pernem and Mopa, the airport will have direct connectivity to National Highway-166S for convenient access.

Mopa Airport's Influence on Goa Real Estate

Mopa Airport is poised to positively impact Goa's real estate landscape. With enhanced connectivity and passenger capacity, demand for second homes, retirement properties, and commercial real estate near the new airport is expected to rise. 

North Goa, where Mopa is located, will particularly benefit as improved access attracts more tourism, businesses, and related economic activity. The airport's presence and resulting growth in flights and visitors will likely stimulate Goa's residential and commercial real estate markets.

Improving Connectivity and Access to Mopa Airport Goa

To improve access to Mopa Airport Goa, a 6-lane elevated highway is under construction connecting Sangolda Junction to NH-66. This key infrastructure project will provide direct connectivity and smoother transportation to the new airport, enhancing overall access.

Mopa Airport Goa - Boosting Connectivity and Investment

The new Mopa Airport in Goa is expected to catalyse growth in surrounding real estate by improving access and connectivity. Areas like Candolim, Calangute, and Mapusa located near Mopa Airport present promising investment opportunities resulting from increased tourism and economic activity. 

However, thorough research and seeking expert guidance is advised before making real estate decisions, as factors like market trends and prices fluctuate. While Mopa Airport's presence will likely stimulate real estate markets, investors should analyse the latest data and projections when considering investments in regions set to gain from improved connectivity.

Accessing Mopa Airport Goa - Buses and Taxis

Travellers have convenient public transportation options to access Mopa Airport in Goa. Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) provides economical daily bus services from Mopa Airport to key destinations like Panaji, Margao, Mapusa, Calangute and Sinquerim. 

Additionally, the local Blue Cabs taxi service offers passengers easy airport transfers to various parts of Goa. Between the affordable buses and accessible taxis, getting to and from Mopa Airport is facilitated through different modes suiting diverse budgets and needs.


  • What is the concept behind the construction of the new Mopa Airport?

The new Mopa Airport has been built with a focus on sustainable infrastructure, incorporating features such as a solar power plant, green buildings, LED lights on the runway, rainwater harvesting, and a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant with recycling facilities.

  • How will the tourism industry in Goa benefit from the new International Mopa Airport?

The tourism industry in Goa is set to gain substantial advantages as the newly constructed Mopa Airport enhances passenger handling capacity and reduces congestion, thereby improving the overall travel experience for tourists visiting the region.

  • When was the foundation stone for the Mopa Airport laid, and when was it inaugurated?

The foundation stone for the construction of the Mopa Airport was laid by Prime Minister Modi in November 2016. The airport was inaugurated by PM Modi on December 11, 2022.

  • When did the commercial operations at the Mopa Airport commence?

The commercial operations at the Mopa Airport began in January 2023.